Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Research Group (AIAARG)

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  • "Can AI impress people?" [J]
    ( Publication: Nikkei Newspaper )
  • Aesthetics of Machine -Hideki Nakazawa [J]
    ( Publication: Morinokomichi No.119 )
  • Holding information of AI Art and Aesthetics Exhibition [J]
    ( Publication: ArtCollectors September 2019 )
  • “Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Believe in God”?
    (Publication: Christian Newspaper)
  • “Art Creation in AI”
    (Contribution: AI Revolution in Symbiosis with People)
  • “The Future of Art Expanding with AI”
    (Interview: Art Collectors April 2019)
  • “Art of Artificial Intelligence Aesthetic Art Continued”
    (Cast: FM Requio / Hap Step Jump)
  • “Does AI create aesthetics? We considered it at the Art of Artificial Intelligence Aesthetics Art”
    (broadcast: BS Fuji “Galileo X”)
  • “Art of Artificial Intelligence and Aesthetics”
    (Cast: FM Rekio / Hap Step Jump)
  • “Art of Artificial Intelligence and Aesthetics”(Publication: Komei Shinbun)
  • “Artificial Intelligence Art Fusion” (Publication: Ryukyu Shinpo)
  • Exploring the Future of AI and”Beauty “”
  • “Artificial Intelligence and the Future”
    (Publication: Kyoto Shimbun, etc.)