Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Research Group (AIAARG)

The 27th AI Art & Aesthetics Research Meeting
“Commemoration of Publishing: Artificial Intelligence
Art and Aesthetics Exhibition - Archive Collection”

    • “Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Exhibition - Archive Collection”


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    • February 9 (Sun), 2020. 15:00-18:45 (door open 14:30)
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    • Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Research Group (AIAARG)


  • “Architect of 'Architecture Without Architect'”
    Shohei Matsukawa + archiroid (Architect + archiroid LLC.)

    • Bernard Rudofsky suggested that without a creative subject, such as an architect, it would be possible to create a spontaneous group of buildings, such as “architecture without an architect.” In this presentation, we want to talk about the issue of how architects should still create a group of buildings like “architecture without architect” through the methodology of the architectural design process called algorithmic design, which we have been studying and practicing.
    • * The work “Topological Grid” by Shohei Matsukawa + archiroid is included in the Exhibition-Archive. Matsukawa is an associate professor at Keio University SFC, PhD (Engineering). Masahiro Sasaki is the representative partner of Archiroid LLC. (* Responsibility: AIAARG)
  • “The Media Theory of Developers and Users+”
    UCNV (Programmer/Artist.)

    • In the field of art, the position of developer was discovered. That is, in the art of using machines. In the media art of the computer age, its environmental characteristics make the developer more apparent. The discovery of the developer's position is at the same time the discovery of the user's position. The position and perspective of the developer and the user aren't existent in the traditional realm of art. Artists using machines have shown the artistic value that can only be presented in that perspective. How can we understand AI from this perspective? What AI shows us is not how we can treat it as a developer or user. Rather, it means that AI exists as a third position and that there could be an entirely different perspective there.
    • * The works of UCNV,“Datapoem”and“Turpentine”are included in the Exhibition-Archive. It contains deep thoughts and actual works from the position of a programmer/artist. “A Tentative Study of Glitch Art,”published at the end of last year, sold out instantly and went into second printing. (* Responsibility: AIAARG)