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The 31st AIAAR Meeting + LIVE x DOMMUNE
“2020 > 90's DTM”

    • The 31st AIAAR Meeting + LIVE x DOMMUNE - “2020 > 90's DTM”
      July 9 (Thu), 2020 | Guests: Kyo Ichinose, Kimitaka Matsumae

      * 19:00-21:35 The 31st AIAAR Meeting x DOMMUNE
      “2020 > 90's Tool-Driven DTM Composition”
      * 21:50-23:40 AIAAR LIVE x DOMMUNE
      “2020 > 90's Desktop 'D-E-V-O' Live”

      In a music genre that has a history of automatic composition, it is not clear from where to begin to call the AI for composition. However, the flourishing of DTM (desktop music) with full of multi-media sensation by MAX and SoundEdit, which blossomed in the 90's as soon as many people got a personal computer, is definitely the origin of AI in music composition, even if though it is not “intelligence” in itself, if it is regarded as a “tool-driven composition.”

      For the first half, the research meeting, we will invite musician Kyo Ichinose, who planned and supervised the compilation CD “MAX Variety Show” in 1997, and Kimitaka Matsumae, who published “The Digital Music Book” in the same year and is scheduled to release a 2-CD set of old recordings on coming July 22, and we will examine the 90's DTM from the view of the year 2020.

      In the second half, the live, Ichinose and Matsumae will each perform a desktop live performance. Then, Nakazawa, whose work is currently on display in the “Early 90's Tokyo Art Squad” exhibition at 3331 Arts Chiyoda (until 26 July), will perform an “abstract automatic animation” that he once made with SoundEdit and MM Director.

      Observing the guidelines, according which the capacity is reduced to one-third of the usual at the request of the government, and which is almost DEVO's “Duty Now For The Future” (laugh), we're going to deliver a very limited 20-person Social Distancing LIVE + webcasting with spectators(!) at the venue that demonic reformation is too awesome with full cooperation from ACOUSTIC REVIVE.


  • [Title]

    • The 31st AIAAR Meeting + LIVE x DOMMUNE - “2020 > 90's DTM”
      (1st Half) The 31st AIAAR Meeting x DOMMUNE
      “2020 > 90's Tool-Driven DTM Composition”
      (2nd Half) AIAAR LIVE x DOMMUNE
      “2020 > 90's Desktop 'D-E-V-O' Live”
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    • July 9 (Thu), 2020. 1st Half 19:00-21:35 / 2nd Half 21:50-23:40
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    • Kyo Ichinose (Musician.)
      Kimitaka Matsumae (Musician. Synthesizer Player.)
      Hideki Nakazawa (Artist. Representative of AIAARG.)
      Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE: Voice Appearance.)
      * General Discussion will be held in the research meeting.
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    • Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Research Group (AIAARG)


  • “From 'MAX Variety Show !!' to 'Non-Quantitative' Composition”
    Kyo Ichinose (Musician.)

    • In 1997, Ichinose planned & supervised the omnibus CD “MAX Variety Show!!” (KAERU CAFE) was a collection of works by musicians who made music using MAX, a programming-oriented software, rather than the MIDI sequencer that was the mainstream of commercial music at the time. While MIDI sequencers mainly play quantitative scores automatically, MAX compositions allow the occurrence of musical events to be controlled by algorithms designed by the artist himself. He found a possibility in this aspect. The experience of making this CD had a big influence on Ichinose's sound production method in his later solo works, and also it lead to the adoption of “non-quantitative” graphic scores to describe groups in his instrumental compositions. In this lecture, these will be explained with actual examples.
    • * The compositions of Kyo Ichinose, winner of the Ataka Prize at Tokyo University of the Arts, some of which are generated in practice by swarm intelligence. Provided music for various compositions, created soundtracks for TV CMs and Videos. Solo albums: “The Machineries of Joy,” “Lontano, ” “Earthrise 2064,” etc. Currently preparing a new solo album, in almost 10 years. (* by AIAARG)
  • “Music Inspired by Tools to Create”
    Kimitaka Matsumae (Musician. Synthesizer Player.)

    • Kimitaka Matsumae has been active in the indies since the early 80's with “Kidorikko.”Later on, he continued his musical activities with units that always focused on synthesizers, such as “Expo” and “Space Ponch” and Sega's game music band “S.S.T. Band,”and took charge of music for “Oshiri Kajiri Mushi” and the anime “Kill Me Baby.” He introduces the process of composing and improvising from the time of DTM, when he was inspired by equipment such as music production software and synthesizers, to the present day.
    • * In his 1997 book “The Digital Music Book,”Kimitaka Matsumae explains how to compose absurd contemporary and other music using sequencers and other instruments to the fullest extent. In July 22, 2020, a 2-CD set of his old recordings will be released. (* by AIAARG)松前公高
  • “On AI As an Automation Technology, Automatism, Tool-Driven, and the 90's Techno”
    Hideki Nakazawa (Artist. Representative of AIAARG.)

    • Conlon Nancarrow's complex and mysterious compositions for an automatic piano can be thought of as the result of the automatic piano itself haunting the composer's brain. If we call this a Tool-Driven Composition, such a techno-like situation is also evident in the 90's DTM. Furthermore, if we regard the brain itself as a tool, then the Surrealist method of automatism, in which the brain itself is possessed by the brain without conscious intervention, can be added to this list. In these aspects, tool-drivenness overlaps with AI (in a broad sense) as an automation technology for intellectual labor. In this presentation, I will point out these issues from the view point in 2020, when automatic composition by data-driven AI (in a narrow sense) called deep learning came into use. Then, I will explain the “Abstract Automatic Animation” that I pursued in the 90's with SoundEdit and MM Director.
    • * Through Silly CG, Method, New-Method, Hideki Nakazawa issued the Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Manifesto. Book: “Art History: Japan.” CD: “Nakazawa Hideki's Music Works.” Currently exhibiting at “Early 90's Tokyo Art Squad” (3331 ARTS CYD, until 26 July).